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ABM and ‘Interest Targeting’ on LinkedIn: Tailored advertising

ABM and ‘Interest Targeting’ on LinkedIn: How tailored advertising can support your marketing campaigns

Professional social networking site ‘LinkedIn’ has over 770 million users, in over 200 countries around the world.

This powerhouse social network is a mine of rich opportunity for B2B marketers, not least those who favour an ABM approach.

Alongside a wide range of other useful functions, the site provides users with the opportunity to use ‘interest targeted’ advertising, allowing companies to put highly relevant content in front of the right audience that’s tailored to their professional interests.

Whether you’re looking to market to influencers, decision makers, top-level executives, small business owners or even recent university graduates, LinkedIn Targeting can help you use unique criteria to build an ideal buyer persona and get a carefully crafted message to a specific audience that’s as narrow or broad as you like.

How can LinkedIn Interest Targeting compliment an ABM approach?

As we never tire of telling you, the fundamental idea underpinning the ABM approach is careful creation of relevant, useful, personalised content that speaks directly to a thoughtfully selected audience, allowing businesses to cultivate relationships key conquests that match their values and ambitions.

LinkedIn Targeting is an ideal fit for businesses using the site to help deliver client-focussed marketing campaigns. Rather than entering the melee of the general LinkedIn feed (where anyone and everyone can join the conversation), it allows the user to cut straight to the people most likely to engage with their offer, delivering timely and engaging content that’s based on specific, pre-identified professional interests.

How does LinkedIn Interest Targeting work?

LinkedIn identifies the type of content that users regularly share and engage with, giving you access to over 200 professional interest categories that allow you to make your campaigns precise and highly relevant

Using Interest Targeting allows you to determine the topics that your audience is most interested in (such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, global economy, customer experience and more) and create a Sponsored Content campaign that engages them specifically with content built around this subject.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn Interest Targeting?

LinkedIn Interest Targeting, when used regularly, will allow you to consistently service ads that are relevant to a member’s professional interests, helping you shape brand perception with different professional audiences by associating your business with topics they care about.

Revealing and reinforcing your values and providing your expertise and influence in your industry will also help you build trust with your target audience over time, creating opportunities to make connections and begin forging long-lasting relationships – the key to an ABM approach.

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