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ABM Social Selling – Low Cost, Big Results

ABM Social Selling - Low Cost, Big Results

Since the dawn of 2004, social selling (also known as social luminary) has been making waves globally. Fast forward to 2023, and its popularity skyrocketed, becoming a must-have for millions of B2B professionals because it allows them to build connections that matter the most and speak directly to their account audience in real-time. A significant aspect of the social selling conversation is also Account-Based Marketing (ABM), which gained ground around 2015 and, today is a powerhouse in B2B sales and marketing strategy. If you’re looking to dive into the sales game, this blog offers insights on how you can boost your ABM with social selling and why AmbitionABM is your best bet for driving your account-based marketing results.

What Is Social Selling?

Your social media accounts are a great platform to reach and connect with your business contacts and followers. But while running your accounts, you must remember that what you share matters. Provide content that matters to your target audience so they keep coming back for more, knowing you’re an authority in your business space. The more you share the good stuff, the more you build your brand and reach, draw in those quality leads, and flex your expertise muscles. You become the go-to guru in your niche. But here’s the catch: although you want to firmly position your business in the minds of your target market, it shouldn’t come across as everything is all about you. Instead, invest in your business network, shower them with value, and watch the magic happen. It’s like a friendship where you scratch their back, and they scratch yours. In business terms, that means a new sale is just around the corner.

Unlock Sales Success with Social Selling

In today’s digital age, it’s not just about your company’s social media approach; it’s about you. Yes, your brand is a game-changer. Therefore, craft a killer Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy that not only adds value for your prospects on social media but also turns you into the go-to expert for problem-solving. In case you’re wondering why this is crucial, your potential customers are already doing their homework online. They’re checking search engines, digesting blogs, tuning into podcasts, and watching webinars. By the time they reach out to you, they’re halfway through the buying process. Here’s the scoop on why social selling is your secret weapon:

  • Expanded reach, which means you can tap into new customers and wider audiences.
  • Stay connected and guide buyers through the purchase journey.
  • Record a surge in sales, productivity and profits.
  • Proven success as 78% of social sellers outshine peers who stay off social media.
  • 62% of sellers rake in more customers through social sales.
  • 91% of B2B buyers are flexing their muscles on social platforms.
  • A staggering 98% of B2B companies swear by the lasting impact of social selling.

Common ABM Social Selling Concerns

Many companies believe they can do away with social selling in their operations. Several businesses shy away, fearing that;

  • Social selling will cost them a fortune.
  • They are short on content, structure, and resources.
  • Their sales and marketing departments aren’t in sync.


But here’s the thing: customers live online, and cold-calling is as outdated as yesterday’s news and many emails don’t make it through company firewalls. Customers want conversations on their turf, on their terms. That is where AmbitionABM comes in handy in turning your concerns into triumphs. It’s not too late to ditch the doubts, embrace the online world, and let us lead the charge to your social selling success. We keep costs low by repurposing existing content where possible which is why social selling with us is a low cost activity with high ROI, managed by an expert team.

Who We Are

AmbitionABM is not just any agency but an award-winning professional with extensive expertise in Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Our magic trick is to dive into your crucial accounts, familiarise ourselves with the decision-makers, and make things happen, from generating faster sales to forging deeper connections and making messages stick. While you can think of AmbitionABM as your partner in business success, below are a few reasons why we’re the real deal:

  • We are not here to waste time; rather, we help expedite those sales cycles.
  • AmbitionABM has the right team and know-how to assist you if you ever feel like your relationships need more depth.
  • We leave you with unforgettable messages that last for everyone.

Why Choose Us

We at AmbitionABM are all about spotting the trends and change-makers, connecting on a personal level, and unleashing strategies and creativity that hit home. Here is why we are the best fit for your ABM social selling;

  • Our ROI speaks volumes; our social luminary services are your golden ticket to a jaw-dropping 35-45% ROI for building connections.
  • We build engagement that soars. Say goodbye to no activity on your pages and hello to high post engagements. Your audience won’t just scroll past; they’ll stop, read, and engage.
  • In addition to boosting your revenues, we help you build long-lasting connections.

Integrating Social Selling with Account-Based Marketing

Are you curious about how we integrate social selling into your ABM strategy? We have a guide for you. Check out our lightning-fast social luminary process, promising impressive returns in just 4 weeks, all at a pocket-friendly cost.

What To Expect

  • Week 1: Account Insights. Identify your account priorities and map out the key players calling the shots.
  • Week 2: Account Discovery. Get familiar with your account team, uncover growth opportunities, and tackle any pesky blockers.
  • Week 3: Preparation. Polish up your account director’s social media platform bio and craft those initial attention-grabbing posts.
  • Week 4: Commence. Let the connection-building, posting, and engagement extravaganza begin.
  • Week 5: Results. Hit the review button, dissect the activity, and measure the fantastic results.

If you’re ready to embark on this social selling journey, let’s make waves together.

Unlock ABM Success with AmbitionABM

AmbitionABM is your secret weapon in the competitive ABM arena, helping you to skyrocket your business with a killer ABM strategy. Our client retention rate is among the best in the industry thanks to our custom strategies and personalised approach, which deliver unmatched results. So, you can believe us when we say that you will get the best value for your money.

Contact us online or give us a call at +44 (0) 20 3745 1263 today where we can share some case studies and show the impact we’ve made! Let’s turn your ABM game from good to legendary.

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