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ABM and Social Media

Easy steps to support your ABM strategy with social media

As lockdown in the UK drags on, we’re spending more time online than ever, making this the ideal time to strengthen Account-Based Marketing (ABM) efforts by building relationships with prospects via social media.

Social media can provide you with real-time insights into the needs, expectations, future plans, and desires of potential buyers. And with 84% of C-level and VP-level buyers influenced by social media when making a purchase, a strong presence across multiple platforms is a vital part of any successful ABM strategy.

Taking to social media in support of ABM campaigns can be daunting, so we’ve come up with some simple ways to up your social game…

Identify key accounts

If your company is looking to begin building relationships with new accounts using an ABM approach, social media is a great place to start the search. Not only can you identify businesses experiencing the problems that your product or service solves, you can also track down key decision makers within these companies, in order to tailor your content and laser focus your approaches further down the line.

Do your research 

Social media is the perfect arena to conduct careful research into potential prospects once they’ve been selected, identifying the type of content they’re likely to engage with, gathering information on their problems and pain points, and gaining an understanding of the stage they’re at in the buying cycle. Closely following the activity of key decision makers can also help build a full and fruitful picture of how best to tailor your approaches, when might be best to step up your efforts, and when to scale them back.

Thought leadership

Be the one to watch by publishing regular, consistent organic content that connects with your audience in a meaningful way. Your goal is to become a font of industry knowledge, news, information, and inspiration to become regarded as an expert or ‘thought leader’ in your field, and to keep potential prospects coming back to your feed, again and again.

Comment, engage, and interact

Alongside posting your own content, successful social media management for ABM involves interacting in a positive way with the content posted by potential conquests and key decision makers. Remember that every comment or reply you make is a representation of your values, so make each one thoughtful, helpful, and authoritative and never allow yourself to be drawn into an argument – negative interaction is always noted.

Your goal is to join the conversation within your industry, becoming a recognised and valued part of your business community. Establishing a reputation as a regular, reputable contributor will ensure you remain at the forefront of potential clients’ minds, and that they turn to you when they need future support.

Make your (brand) voice heard

Cultivating a strong brand voice ensures that your content is instantly recognisable which, in turn, builds trust with potential customers. Whether you’re posting a 1,000 word blog post, or a snippet of copy to accompany an image, yours should be authentic, unique, memorable, and above all else – consistent.

Target your content

Producing high quality content and joining the discussion within your industry are key components of successful social media strategy for ABM, but it’s important that your efforts are always laser focused to attract predetermined decision makers and accounts, rather than being flung out haphazardly, in the hope that the ‘right’ person will encounter them.

Tag prospects in posts that are a great fit for the needs and interests, comment on the content posted by select accounts, and even write your own content with key prospects in mind. It’s all about tailoring the right information to the right person, for optimal results. 

Develop a social media strategy 

At Ambition ABM, we help companies create social media strategies that harness their strengths, advising our clients on everything from the most successful way to write headings to the optimal platforms for your brand.

Successful social media interaction for ABM doesn’t happen by accident. It must be carefully planned, thoughtfully executed, and meticulously managed in order to achieve the best results.

If your social media strategy isn’t fit for lockdown # 2 – get in touch today, to find out how we can help.

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