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ABM: Why sales and marketing should be a collaboration, rather than a competition

The tech industry. Where innovation is accelerating, customer demands are increasing and the need for continuous revenue generation is ever present.

Unfortunately, too many tech businesses are unable to meet such needs, as they remain loyal to traditional marketing strategies that increase the divide between sales and marketing and therefore, increase the tensions between the two.

So how do you resolve this?

It’s simple: Account-Based Marketing.

ABM is a strategic marketing approach which dissolves the silos that stand between sales and marketing and instead brings them together to form one streamlined setting with a single centralised view of the customer and a consistent and shared narrative.

Rather than casting the biggest net over the widest area possible marketing approach, ABM instead focuses its attention on the stories that really matter and tailors personalised content that suits the needs of the customer.

ABM starts from a deep-seated understanding of the requirements of the individual decision-makers within a business. What are they trying to achieve? What are their challenges and opportunities? What is their vision? And what is their chosen strategy?

To deliver ABM personalisation and make the customer the centre of your narrative cannot be the end product of marketing alone. Instead, you focus on working in unison with sales, rather than in competition. The sales team are vital in identifying the highest-value clients or prospects to the marketing team and providing insights on opportunities which they then utilise to create such custom campaigns. With this identification early on, greater opportunities are seized, and any unsuitable candidates are eliminated.

The result? Sales cycles shorten, brand loyalty rises and ROI rates improve. In fact, an ITSMA study found that 87% of the B2B marketers they surveyed said that ABM produced a higher ROI than any other marketing strategy.

So, if you are a tech business looking to keep up with the changing demands of the modern industry, perhaps look to seeing your sales and marketing teams as collaborators, rather than competitors.

If you are looking for ABM to help you align your sales and marketing teams then get in touch.

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