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Accelerating Client Relationships with ABM

Accelerating Client Relationships

Putting people at the heart of every action, and every interaction. This, in a nutshell, is the fundamental foundation of account-based marketing (ABM). It’s what makes it unique to any other marketing tactic.

This means engaging with the right people at the right companies, and deepening connections with key individuals, with memorable and timely messages that are client focused.

It also helps to speed up the sales cycle, by concentrating on saying the right things, rather than taking a scattergun approach and throwing out mixed messages to a mixed audience.

But what does it mean, when we think about B2B?

For too long, B2B Marketing has been misleading. In ABM, we don’t talk to business. We talk to people.

Now, it’s important to turn that thinking upside down. Instead of business-2-business, think Person-2-Person (P2P).

Our mission statement at Ambition ABM, ‘accelerate the relationships that matter’ addresses just that.

 We use this value proposition, to help our clients better understand the three most vital components of the ABM approach:

  1. Concentrate on acceleration, by helping clients to place a hyper-focus on the unique needs of the customer, learning their language, as well as understanding their pain points, in order to identify the correct solutions to alleviate them. This motivates prospects to act faster, be more decisive, and in time, invest heavily in your services.
  2. Throw out the over-used ‘B2B marketing’ jargon, and instead talk about relationships. We understand that businesses don’t work with businesses, people work with people. If you spend the time and effort to truly understand what a prospect wants- and needs- and tailor your services to address this, you can guarantee results.
  1. Finally, devote your efforts on locating- and addressing- the people who really matter. Our efforts are never without careful consideration, because we don’t want to talk to just anyone, or everyone. We want to talk to people in our prospective accounts, that have the authority to make key decisions and give our proposals the green light.

These 3 components of our proposition will help you to consider more about the people behind every business. Finding commonalities or connections between yourself and them, that can help you identify those key pain points and develop messaging that will resonate more effectively with your prospects and in turn, encourage them to buy into your services.

We’re experts in helping people nurture new relationships. Overtime, they build on trust and confidence.

They turn a connection into a conversation. An introductory call into a working relationship, that in the long-term, can benefit all.

It’s time to stop thinking B2B. Instead, think P2P.

If you want to turn B2B upside down and start accelerating the relationships that matter, then get in contact with us today.

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