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Account-Based Marketing vs traditional B2B Marketing

Placing your customer at the centre of everything you do

In the digital era – where a potential audience and customer-base is global – the temptation is to cast the biggest net over the widest area possible. It’s an enticing prospect and it has helped perpetuate sales and marketing as a high volume business. Unfortunately, it’s also turning it into a low return business.

At AmbitionABM we persuade business-to- business organisations like yours to resist the mass marketing approach. Instead we advocate targeting the few, not the many. We advocate targeting those that count with laser-like focus and a customer first approach.

ABM starts from a deep-seated understanding of the requirements of the individual decisions-makers within a business. What are they trying to achieve? What are their challenges and opportunities? What is their vision? And what is their chosen strategy? For ABM to realise its full potential, everything from research and proposition to messaging and creative output must be shaped around individual enterprise accounts, and the team of individuals within it who make or influence the purchasing decision.

In short, ABM is a marketing strategy that allows companies to create sustainable growth and greater profitability for their important client accounts.

Over the past few years, we have seen more and more b2b marketers adopt ABM as part of their marketing strategy.

  • 93% of marketers are either using ABM today or planning to start soon.
  • 45% of ABM users see at least double ROI compared to other marketing methods.

We would love you to check out our new video where we explain in detail why AmbitionABM is your ideal ABM agency partner and how we provide you the power to accelerate the relationships that matter, with our end-to-end account-based marketing approach and why every B2B marketer should care about it. ABM vs B2B Traditional Marketing or contact us here

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