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Account-Based Marketing – Webinar

Join our webinar on Wednesday 7th June at 1pm BST and learn how to kick-start your Account-Based Marketing in 2023 and realise its full potential. We will cover everything from how to deal with the complexities of enterprise accounts, aligning marketing efforts with sales goals, research and propositions to messaging and creative output – all must be shaped around individual enterprise accounts, and the team of individuals within it who make or influence the purchase decision.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a proven approach to modern selling. Aligning sales and marketing teams like never before, it reaches the accounts that matter the most – and the people inside those accounts that influence and make decisions. It is a marketing methodology that amplifies demand.

In short, ABM produces results. For B2B marketers, it is a must-do.

In this webinar, AmbitionABM’s Louise Bowers, CEO and Head of Strategy will be discussing how to get your ABM off the ground and she will answer some of the biggest challenges when adopting an ABM model.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take a deep dive into best practices for implementing ABM, including how to identify and segment your accounts, collate the insights and intelligence you need to build an effective ABM strategy, leverage technology to scale your efforts, and measure the impact of your strategy.


• The ABM model and process
• Identifying and segmenting accounts
• Account insights
• ABM strategy frameworks and best practices
• Preparing your ABM pilot and scale
• Different tactics and types of ABM content
• Measuring ABM success
• Q&A

Register for your place today.

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