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Crafting an ABM success story in 2023

Crafting an ABM success story in 2023

Despite being 2 months into the year already, we know that you’ll still be busy budgeting and planning for the year ahead, especially with the end of financial year fast approaching. You may be thinking that finally accelerating your B2B marketing, with an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy, is your goal for the year.

For those looking to either incorporate an ABM strategy in their organisation, or continue to grow their existing ABM programmes, having a strong strategy and planning mechanism is the crucial building block to a successful ABM approach. Without these foundations in place, effective ABM cannot be executed.

At AmbitionABM, we consider ourselves to be well versed when it comes to developing an award-winning ABM strategy.

With the best practices and frameworks in place, we have used a number of tried and tested methods to develop a stand-out ABM strategy and message for our clients. We follow a series of steps to create an end-to-end ABM strategy that works.

Desk research:

We know you and your sales team do not have the time to conduct in-depth research into your accounts.

Luckily for you, we can help with that. From our research team who deliver extensive research reports on accounts, from our own analysis and matrixes of account plans. We commence our strategy with desk research, to observe industry trends, key priorities and challenges, and recent news coverage of an account.

Discovery and workshop:

We then host discovery calls and workshops with your account teams, to see what is already being done in the account, what your future goals are, and to align the account needs and challenges with your own strategy and solutions.

Key Audience Identification:

From stakeholder mapping to persona profiling, we seek out the key audiences within the account and identify for you who we should be targeting: stakeholders, decision makers and influencers.

The result? Once we piece all of these insights together, we arrive at a carefully crafted ABM story, backed by reasons to believe.

With 3 to 4 strategic key pillars, and a high-level value proposition message, we can then execute our ABM programme, with tactics and assets across multiple channels that address those pain points for the accounts, at the right time.

Whether we’re carrying out social selling on an account manager’s LinkedIn profile, or we’re holding a roundtable in the Metaverse with a promo video.

Without a step-by-step ABM process and framework, we cannot deliver an ABM programme with assets and tactics that are effective, targeted, and will generate that higher return on investment.

If you want to achieve business growth with an ABM approach in 2023, then you need to put in the time to research, plan and craft that strategy and message first.

If strategy and messaging is your biggest ABM challenge right now, then get in contact with us today to see how we can help you.

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