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Enterprise Marketing: A different approach to ABM

Enterprise Marketing: A different approach to ABM

Businesses. They’re inhuman. They don’t possess emotions or make those key sales decisions. They aren’t worrying about their strategies, or budgets, or whether they’re going to grow and succeed. It’s just a front. A household name. A logo that behind it, are the people who really drive it.

At AmbitionABM, before we produce any account-based marketing (ABM), customer-centric content for our clients, we provide an in-depth investigation to identify the opportunities and points of alignment. We drill-down to the persona level and even profile who we’re targeting. The people who matter the most, the c-level decision-makers.

We dig deep to understand their individual needs and challenges, what their barriers to succeeding may be, and help our clients to directly resolve those pain points.

Once we’ve done that, we then simplify our messaging to those key accounts, to address your brand’s personality.

We understand as marketers that you need to be bold and stand out from your competitors. How do we do that?

By adding that personal, human touch. Using light-hearted, and often humorous, messaging, we can put your clients at ease, whilst also delivering content and messaging that is creative, compelling and distinctive to the rest of the competitive crowd.

Once you’ve established that comfort, it will help you to then build on your trust and credibility as a perfectly placed partner. This can be achieved by letting both the customers and the products simply speak for themselves. If you do this, then you can help shorten sales cycles, increase win rates and accelerate those c-suite relationships.

ABM is all about gaining an understanding of what can drive individuals. It’s likely that your key decision maker won’t know about your products, or at least have them top of mind.

You need to ensure that you have a deep understanding of their personal motivations and challenges. In doing so, you’ll identify exactly what is at the forefront of their mind and how you can approach them in the most optimal way, to ensure you’ll also be there too.

Perhaps all this time, B2B has been mis-sold? Instead, let’s turn it upside down and think ‘people-to-people’, rather than ‘business-to-business’.

We have. Which is why in 2022, we’re focusing on people and accelerating the relationships that matter to you the most.

If you’re looking to rethink your ABM approach in the new year, then get in contact with us today to see how we can help.

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