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Account based marketing (ABM) is a proven approach to modern selling. Aligning your sales and marketing teams, it reaches your key accounts and the decision makers within them.

According to Forrester’s ‘State of ABM in 2022’ report earlier this year, approximately 40% of respondents stated their ABM programmes were still less than 2 years old.

With more marketers and organisations adopting ABM nowadays, it’s clear to see why, with the approach generating an ROI higher than any other marketing strategy.

However, are B2B organisations supercharging their ABM in the most effective way? It certainly is a strategic approach that takes time, practice, and a sufficient budget and team to execute well.

ITSMA’s ABM benchmark study in 2019, stated that only 17% of marketers had a mature ABM strategy. This implies that the majority of those surveyed were still struggling to deploy effective ABM, or where still in the early stages of their ABM experience.

At AmbitionABM, we have tried and tested ABM processes, as well as followed the very best practices from Forrester. With our team having extensive experience of over 10 years in ABM, we have the knowledge and expertise to help those new to account based marketing deliver a strategy that drives results.

Which is why, we are offering our guide, ‘AmbitionABM’s Guide to Account Based Marketing: the what, why, how and who of ABM’- FREE of charge to you.

Packed with insights and tips, that cover all you need to know, including:

  1. What is ABM? Understanding the essence of ABM
  2. Why should I embrace it? Making the case for ABM
  3. Who am I talking to? Engaging with the people that matter
  4. How does it work? Putting theory into action

This guide will give you that initial insight and flavour into what ABM is, why it’s such a success and how you can kickstart your journey.

Click the link here to download your FREE guide to account-based marketing and start accelerating the relationships that matter to you today. To find out more about how we can help you supercharge your B2B marketing, then get in contact with us here.

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