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Global ABM Programmes

Global ABM Programmes

Relationships – Reputation – Revenue

Regional marketing teams. They have a deeper understanding of local accounts, themes and challenges, and can often communicate and support the accounts you want to target, in ways that a global team never could.

However, for enterprise companies with a global presence, regional account-based marketing can present a myriad of challenges, with inconsistencies in messaging and delivery across different regions.

Instead, what a global brand needs, before they go to a regional level, is a single consistent message. They need a global and scalable ABM programme.

When we typically think about ABM, the word scalable may not immediately spring to mind, due to the tight-knit focus of this strategic approach. However, a scalable ABM programme actually presents a number of benefits, from cost reductions, to more customer opportunities, to more influenced revenue.

This sounds like a great idea, but how do you achieve it?

Start small:

Begin small and think quality, over quantity. Using a more industry focused, or 1-2-few approach, select a small number of global accounts within a particular vertical.

Using a number of methods, from intent data platforms to ideal customer profiling (ICP), you can identify these small accounts and discover synergies, buyer behaviour and commonalities between them, based upon industry trends.

From there, you can develop one singular message that can resonate across all, which can then be applied to create tactics and assets for the field teams.

Once you have this under your belt, it’s then time to go global and take this 1-2-few messaging to scale.

Syndication tools:

Syndication tools and asset delivery platforms are a great way to scale an ABM programme. They can allow regional teams to filter down assets by topic and industry. Once they’ve located the assets that are relevant, these can then be easily customised by language, country and company, depending on where they are located and who they want to target.

Relationships, reputation and revenue:

As the customization process is less time consuming and expensive, not only is this method more cost effective, but it means that regional teams can target accounts and go to market much faster. In turn, sales cycles are sped up earlier and c-level relationships are accelerated.

Minor personalisation also means that sales teams can still deliver content that resonates on a regional level and speaks with the account’s language, whilst keeping a consistent message across the overall worldwide execution of programmes. Consistency in the long run will improve the overall reputation of your brand.

Having a scalable ABM programme allows you to reach not only your biggest enterprise accounts, but even smaller accounts can be targeted with the same messaging too. An entire ecosystem of accounts is now at your fingertips, allowing your revenue to be influenced even more.

Relationships, reputation and revenue. The 3 Rs of ABM can be improved with a global ABM programme. Perhaps it’s now time to start scaling your own ABM programmes for success: and AmbitionABM can help you get there.

To kickstart your own global ABM programme in the new year, get in contact with us today to see how we can help.


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