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Hyper-personalisation: more than just swapping a name

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When creating content for a plethora of clients, it seems easier to just simply change the name at the top of an email and pass it off as personalised. But with account-based marketing, it’s a much more complex process.

Since the inception of ABM nearly 30 years ago, hyper-personalisation is the intricate yet integral method we use as account-based marketers, in order to tell a compelling narrative that strikes a chord in our clients’ hearts. It convinces them, that as their aides, we have done our thorough research on their company and we can fully address the client’s needs, wants and focal leads.

For companies, it is imperative that we deliver such content, as it could mean the difference between creating monotonous mass content that fails, or curated substance that ensures long-term business growth.

So, how do you produce hyper-personalised content effectively and transform it into a strong ABM strategy?

Firstly, desk research is key. Discover as much information as you can from the lead database, from colleagues of interest, to how they could be involved with the company. You can then begin to weave this into a larger narrative. This can be achieved from a multitude of approaches, including: market research, interviews, workshops, social media tracking and data analysis.

Secondly, begin to build profiles of the clients that you want to create content for.  In doing so, you will be able to produce a strategy that outlines the needs and wants of one single decision maker and will ensure that you have their undivided attention.

Thirdly, build a complex nurturing stream through multi-origin messaging. Using a multitude of senders from the company, rather than just one, this will enhance your client’s trust and make them feel wanted.

As the above points demonstrate, the ability to hyper-personalise content within ABM is complex and requires a number of technical skills, most importantly, patience. Yet, whilst it may be a long-term process, its long-term results are unmatched.

When done effectively, it can help to identify higher-value leads for your company, which in turn can lead to higher conversion rates and consequently, a higher revenue.

In fact, according to a study by Gartner, those who hyper-personalise their content end up outselling those who don’t by 30%.

Here at AmbitionABM, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce hyper-personalised and hyper-focused content that helps you identify those large leads and outsell your competitors.

So, if you’re a tech company looking to become the innovators of your industry, but unsure on how to start hyper-personalising your content, then fill out our form online and start your ABM journey with us today.

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