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Intent Data: How familiar are you with it?

Intent Data Survey

Here at AmbitionABM, and amongst the wider marketing community, intent data has become somewhat of a buzzword. Since extending it into our ABM services, we have been able to see the value of it, and just how those key insights into buyer behaviours can assist us in producing more tightly aligned ABM programmes.

But does everyone else feel the same way about it? Do they use it in their organisation? Have they even heard of it?

These questions that were raised inspired us to seek more about just how aware people are about intent data. Taking to LinkedIn, we conducted a week-long poll in which we asked our CEO’s 2400 connections, and 320 followers on our business page, just how familiar they were with intent data.

The results were as follows:

  • 54% use it in their organisation
  • 29% know about it but don’t use it
  • 5% have a limited knowledge of it
  • 12% have never heard about it

These results certainly have now opened up the opportunity for further questions to be answered?

For those who said they use it within their organisation, it perhaps gives us a prospect to dive further and find out exactly what intent platform they use, and why?

For those who don’t use it, it simply begs the question: why not? What barriers or deterrents are stopping them from implementing it in their ABM programme?

And for those who don’t know, well, we can help with that! With insights and demos, we can help you begin your intent data journey, and give you a preview of what it is and why it is such a mission-critical tool to have in your ABM armoury.

To find out more about what we do and how we can help you understand intent data further, get in contact with us today.

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