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Intent data: resolving the complex dynamic of buyer behaviour for ABM

Intent Data

Buyer behaviour. It’s a crucial analytic to consider within account-based marketing. It allows you to understand your target customers’ decision-making process on which products and solutions to buy and where from.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant shift in the dynamic of buyer behaviour, with most of it now being done virtually. According to an article from Forrester in April 2021, the number of buying interactions from individual consumers jumped from 17 to 27, meaning that customers are taking more complex and longer journeys to determine which companies are best suited for their needs.

With everything now being done through the online world, we can access an infinite supply of information from almost anywhere. However, for a B2B marketeer, this can make the analysing of buyer behaviour much trickier to navigate.

So how can you manage this change and use it to your advantage to ensure that you can still target your desired customers at the right time?

The solution: intent data.

Intent data is a particular data set, which informs us about businesses and their buyers. By monitoring online buyer behaviour, it creates a footprint of data, which provides us marketeers with the insights we need to create personalised assets and programmes to target our key decision-makers.

Using key words and the correct geographical locations, you can listen in to any sales triggers and find out exactly who may be interested in your products and what the general key industry trends are. Listening into these trends will allow you to gain a better picture of what your key accounts are looking for and how your business can help.

Moreover, it can also provide us with the emerging user journey. This allows you to see when interest for a particular product or solution is demonstrated at an early stage. You can then align your sales and marketing teams and position your organisation correctly, so that you can deliver your programmes at the best time, before your competitors.

When used effectively, intent data can become a mission critical tool within ABM. By gaining insights into trends, customer behaviour and user journeys, you can see exactly what stakeholders are consuming and what questions need answering. You can then not only ensure that your approach is designed carefully and personalised in a way that resolves such challenges, but also target the accounts with your approach just when they need it. The long-term effects include retention of key accounts, the acquirement of new ones, and ultimately more revenue for your business.

With intent data under your belt, as an account-based or B2B marketeer, you can now navigate the new and more complex buyer behaviour dynamic much easier and can still target your key accounts at the optimal time.

Want to find out more about how we can help you with your intent data, buyer behaviour and strategy for the end-to-end buyer journey? Then click here.

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