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Keeping it personal: ABM’s recipe for success

In a MarTech Advisor article, 94% of marketers agreed that personalised content is essential when it comes to driving success for a business.

Whilst the article was published in 2019, that statistic still runs true nearly 3 years later. In account-based marketing (ABM), personalisation is fundamental to what we do. One of its core principles is to produce a tailored and personalised approach to the account.

At AmbitionABM, we strive on our ability to accelerate the relationships that matter. But this is only achieved with the support of the critical role that personalisation plays within our strategy and messaging.

Having messaging that is relevant, timely and personal is key when it comes to educating consumers, creating a frictionless experience and building purchase consideration between our clients and their key accounts (Gartner, 2021).

We also want to ensure that the messaging we put out every time is not only relevant to the account, but actually addresses those specific pain points and challenges. It’s a complex process and not just as simple as adding a name to an email: so how do we do it?

Unlock value and insights

We begin by digging deep, to uncover insights that help craft our ABM story. From discovery calls with account teams, to carrying out external desk research to identify industry trends, to even using intent data platforms, we can identify any priority areas, pain points and buyer behaviour that can help support our messaging.

We can even carry out persona profiling for specific stakeholders of interest within an account, to discover exactly what their personal challenges are in order to succeed, and then map out how our client’s solutions are perfectly aligned to address those issues.

Craft the ABM story

Once we have uncovered enough personal insights and have a deep understanding of the accounts’ needs and challenges, we can then build out the profiles of the people you want to target specifically within an account.

Using our research and insights, we can then create our value proposition and messaging, ensuring that we hit all of the pain points of the account, with deep-felt and personalised wording. Often, we find ourselves with 3 key pillar areas that address those pain points.


Finally, we then implement our strategy and messaging and create personalised content that is tailored to an account. Using omni-channel personalisation, we can apply our messaging to a number of different assets and execute through numerous channels, from social platforms to email marketing.

Then, we target those key decision makers with the content through multi-origin messaging. By delivering content via multiple senders, rather than one, it will make the account feel much more desired, which in turn, upholds our trust and credibility with the account.


Whilst complex, when done right, personalisation can help to improve communications with accounts, build up trust and credibility and shorten sales cycles to win deals faster.

By hyper-personalising content that is specific to an account, that compelling narrative will feel more tailored for their needs and challenges, rather than monotonous marketing that they receive every day. As a result, they will be more likely to communicate better with your sales teams, and in doing so, will improve the longevity and strength of your relationship with the account.

To find out more on how AmbitionABM can help you create more tailored and personalised content, get in contact with us today.

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