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Recipe for success: our tips for ABM strategy and message

And just like that, we’ve already finished the first quarter of 2022!

For many of us, it’s been a quarter like no other. With the rising cost of living already beginning to take impact, global crises and still adapting to a post-pandemic world, it has been a challenging and uncertain time for us all.

For account-based marketing pioneers, you’re probably wondering what the rest of this year is going to envision, what your strategy and business plans are going to look like and how they will unfold- what will success look like for the rest of 2022 and how can we get there?

How can we achieve ABM success in these unprecedented times? It’s simple. By having a solid strategy and message mechanism in place.

If this is something you’re still finding a challenge just a few months into the year, then fortunately for you, we at AmbitionABM see strategy and message as our speciality: our pièce de résistance.

In an article by Martech Alliance earlier this year, a study by Ascend2 cited that 65% of marketing professionals surveyed stated their ABM strategy was somewhat successful.

We understand how imperative a tailored strategy and message framework is to a successful ABM programme- without it, ABM would simply be another scattergun B2B marketing approach, using boundless energy and throwing out the same old messaging in the hope that someone in your desired accounts will respond.

Through tried and tested tactics, as well as following the top ABM practices, we have developed a strong methodology to help our clients create an effective strategy and message, every time.

This includes:

  • Running our own internal desk research, to identify common trends, news and sales triggers;
  • Facilitating discovery interviews with the sales teams, to gather further insights;
  • Analysing account plans, to discover key priorities of focus;
  • Hosting deep dives and workshops, to help with the alignment of sales and marketing;
  • And finally, helping you to identify those key roles and personas to target the messaging with.

From those careful and account-specific insights gathered, we can then help you to craft a memorable strategy and message, that is tailored to who you want to speak to in your most desirable accounts.

With this framework in place, we can utilise it to develop omni-channel tactics and assets that will help you address those pain points for your key audiences and in turn, accelerate the relationships that matter most.

Without this strategy and message in place, we simply cannot deliver an effective and true ABM programme. It simply is the bread and butter of account-based marketing.

So, if strategy and message is still a challenge you want to overcome, for success in 2022, then get in contact with us today, to find out how we can help!

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