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Running the world: AmbitionABM and WEConnect on supporting women in business


Diversity and inclusivity. At AmbitionABM, we don’t just pride ourselves on merely our ABM strategy alone. We look beyond that, and also strive for an agency culture in which women are celebrated and included in the conversations of business.

Unfortunately, the tech sector still falls behind as an industry, when it comes to achieving such equality. According to an article by Statista in 2020, only 34.4% of the employee workforce within the 5 tech giants (GAFAM) are women.

However, we want to take the first step in changing this.

Which is why we are proud to say that for the last 2 years, we have been certified members of WEConnect, a global network in which women-owned businesses are connected to international corporate brands.

Between us, we have a shared vision that both women and men should be offered equal opportunities when it comes to success within business. Furthermore, they have created a multitude of solutions that increases wealth for women, whilst also protecting their families and future generations.

Corporations are also trained on how to source women business owners, smash down the barriers and open the doors to opportunities for females to succeed in the patriarchal business world.

It is this dedication to support towards women and gender equality that has kept us as members with WEConnect and we can certainly see the benefits to our partnership with them. As ABM pioneers, it has allowed us to meet more women-owned businesses and conversations have been started with our target C-level brands who hold those shared values.

For those corporate brands, having supplier diversity and including more women within all aspects of business supply chains ensures that they now have more innovative solutions, that will add value and a higher ROI in the long-term.

And appears that the rest of the world is waking up to such benefits. In the last five years, we have seen a 24% increase in the representation of women within the C-suite level (Built In, March 2021), and over 1000 multinationals now focus on sourcing from diverse-owned businesses (WEConnect International, 2020).

Our certification to WEConnect affirms that as a women-owned business, we can still achieve our long-term business growth, without having to compromise as a result of our gender. We can now confidently say that by taking that first step to change, we are now leading the way, with many other female business owners, for women within account-based marketing. Now as an award-winning agency, we are changing the future of women in technology forever.

If you are a woman business owner who shares our values and is seeking equal opportunities, then register for your certification at WEConnect today.

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