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Social luminary: ABM’s answer to the influencer marketing strategy

Social ABM

Throughout this lockdown and beyond, we have spent more time on our mobile device apps, and in particular social media, than ever before. This 21st century medium has also had a major influence on our spending habits. We are often persuaded by ‘influencers’ or ‘experts in the field,’ who tell us exactly what we should be investing our time and money in- and we listen to them.

In account-based marketing, we have begun to create our own line of ‘influencers,’ through what we call ‘social luminary’.

Taking a sales representative or account manager from a client and transforming them into our very own ‘influencer’, we use their LinkedIn profiles and other social media sites to send out connection invites with a light personalised touch. Once we establish such connections, we then use follow up messaging, in order to keep them engaged and hold their attention.

But why is this everyday influencer marketing tool so useful for ABM? By using account manager profiles as a gateway, we can connect with more clients, enhance brand awareness and in turn, lead to discovering more high-value prospects and a larger ROI.

Does it really work? When done right, yes.

For a recent client of ours, we conducted social luminary over the course of 3 months, sending out connection invites via a LinkedIn profile. The result? Within just 2 weeks, we achieved a high ROI of 24%, with connections built between our client and their target account c-suite individuals.

However, it cannot just stop at a mere connection invitation on LinkedIn. Conducting social luminary for clients takes time and requires large amounts of engagement and commitment.

Your ‘influencer’ must be willing to engage in conversations with connections: after all, you need to give them reasons to believe in your product or service. You must also have engaging deliverables that will stimulate conversations with connections, whether that be an event promotion, or the latest asset that you delivered for a campaign.

If either of these requirements fall through, then you will be left with dead-end connections and an influencer whose rather insignificant.

However, with commitment and strong engagement, social luminary’s influencers could be your gateway to seeking those high value opportunities in a digital world.

To start your own social luminary and begin your ABM journey today, message us to find out more about how we can help you.

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